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Roofing Systems

There are a variety of roofing systems that can be used to protect your building. We offer a variety of roofing systems:

Hoekstra Roofing Company will help you choose the correct roofing system for your application.

Whether you need a Built-Up Roof, a Single-Ply Roof, a Metal Roof, or a Metal Roof Coating,
we have the experience to get the job done right the first time. We have thousands of
satisfied customers we've served for over 106 years!

One of the roofing systems below may be right for your application.


Built Up Roofing

Our experienced team will help you make the right roof selection.

Completed Gravel Surfaced
Asphalt Built Up Roof System

Crew Members Mopping Roof
Felts In Place

Crew Installing Gravel Surfacing
In Hot Asphalt

Hoekstra Roofing has a long reputation for installing high quality asphalt built-up roofing systems
. Built-up roof systems have a proven track record for long term reliability - especially where heavy roof traffic is expected. The multiple layers of fiberglass roof felt and asphalt ensure toughness and puncture resistance. Hoekstra Roofing uses enclosed asphalt tankers to pump hot asphalt to the roof.

This eliminates the need for using heating kettles that emit excessive smoke at ground level. Odorless, cold asphalt adhesive roof systems are also available for use where asphalt smell may be problematic.

Hoekstra Roofing Company employs highly trained hot asphalt roof installers with an
outstanding safety record. Our team members receive regular continuing education and participate in our safety incentive programs. This ensures you receive a quality roof, safely
and professionally applied, to keep your building safe and dry for years.

If you need a really tough roof, Contact us today about a built-up roof system.


Single Ply Roofing


Hoekstra Roofing has installed hundreds of built-up roofing systems that have lasted for longer than 35 years.

Completed Gravel Surfaced
Asphalt Built Up Roof System

Crew Members Installing
A Black Rubber Roof System

New Single Ply Roof Flashings

Hoekstra Roofing Co. has been installing single ply roof systems since they were introduced in the early 1970's.
Single ply roof membranes are very elastomeric - allowing them to accommodate structural movement and vibrations of the building. They are also very light weight - allowing the roof structure to be designed with lighter supports.

Being light weight can also make it possible to re-roof over the original roof without overloading the building structure. There are many of types of single ply roof membranes - ranging from black EPDM rubber roofing to white heat welded thermoplastic sheets. Hoekstra Roofing Co. installs a variety of single ply roofs with proven track records.

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how Hoekstra Roofing can apply an economical singly ply roof to your building.


Metal Roofing and Siding


A lightweight single-ply roofing system can save you the cost of tearing-off your original roof.

Borgess Hospital Outpatient Diagnostic Center Curved Standing Seam Roof System

Installer Seaming A Structural Standing
Seam Roof Panel

Centre Square Mall Standing Seam Metal Roof System

If you want customers or neighbors to notice your sloped roof, choose a standing seam metal roof, siding or facade.

  • Metal roofs and siding are available in a rainbow of colors and will typically last three to four times longer than an asphalt shingle roof.

  • Steel roof panels are coated with an extremely durable finish that will not chip or fade for 20-30 years. We have over 20 standard metal colors available.

  • In addition to prefinished steel, Hoekstra Roofing Company also installs metal roofs and siding made from stainless steel, copper, galvalume and aluminum.

  • Hoekstra Roofing fabricates their own custom sheet metal flashings, including gravel stops, coping caps, counter flashings, fascias, gutters, collector boxes and downspouts.

  • We are experts at retrofitting existing asphalt shingle roofs with colorful metal roof systems.

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how Hoekstra Roofing can apply a colorful metal roof to your building.


Metal Roof Coatings


Catch your customer's eye with a colorful metal roof from Hoekstra Roofing Company.

A Rusted Metal Roof Before Repairs

Application Of Spray Coating Over The Existing Roof

The Rusted Metal Roof After Repairs and Coating Application

Metal roofs have always been an economical way to roof a light duty building.

The problem has always been keeping the metal roof panels from rusting, and keeping mechanical roof penetrations watertight.

Hoekstra Roofing now offers fluid-applied elastomeric sealants and coatings to make metal
roofs watertight and long lasting.

These elastomeric coatings stop rust, and also reflect sunlight to lower your energy costs.

Timely preventative maintenance utilizing these cost effective coatings will extend the life of your metal roof, and can prevent the need to replace rusted-out roof panels.

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how Hoekstra Roofing can extend the life of your metal roof.


Extend the life of your metal roof with elastomeric coatings from Hoekstra Roofing Company.

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