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Recent Projects

Hoekstra roofing has successfully installed and maintained thousands of flat, built-up, single ply, metal, standing seam and green roofs throughout West Michigan in over 106 years of service. In today's fast-paced world, trust us to replace or repair your roof quickly, skillfully, and with a minimum of lost productivity.

Below are a few recent examples of projects we have completed for our clients.

Hillside Middle School, Kalamazoo, MI

73,600 sq. ft.

Complete tear-off of existing flat and sloped roofs. Installation of new gravel surfaced asphalt built-up roof system on flat classroom roof areas, and white modified bitumen cap sheet on sloped gym roof.

Paramount Academy School, Kalamazoo, MI

32,600 sq. ft.

Complete tear-off of existing rubber roof system. Complete replacement of all roof top HVAC equipment during project by mechanical contractor. New fully adhered rubber roof system.

Fabri-Kal Corp, Kalamazoo, MI

401,000 sq. ft.

Re-roofing over entire plant and office roof with two layers of new roof insulation and a new fully adhered rubber roof system with a 20 year manufactures warranty. Included re-flashing hundreds of existing skylights and other roof penetrations.

Bridgman Middle School, Bridgman, MI

73,600 sq. ft.

Power vacuum off the existing ballast stone. Tear-off existing single ply roof system and roof insulation. Install two layers of new roof insulation and new white fully adhered TPO roof system with 20 year manufactures warranty.

New Portage Central High School, Portage, MI

130,000. sq. ft White fully adhered TPO roof system installed over tapered roof insulation.

The three layers of roof insulation were attached with spray foam adhesive to eliminate attachment screws penetrating the metal roof deck. Project took one year to complete due to a phased construction schedule.

Performing final roof inspection on complete gymnasium roof installation.
Boiler room roof flashings at boiler stacks and vent pipes.

Cole Nissan Dealership Kalamazoo, MI

18,100 sq. ft. re-roof over an existing lightweight metal roof with new roof insulation and a new mechanically fastened rubber roof system.

Included all new silver metallic finished flashings, gutters, and downspouts.

First National Bank, Portage, MI

1,100 sq. ft. new blue curved standing seam metal roof system with matching blue flashings, gutters and downspouts.

BW3's Restaurant, Kalamazoo, MI

6,300 sq. ft. new white thermoplastic mechanically attached roof system and silver metallic sheet metal entry door facade.

Graphic Packaging Corporation Kalamazoo, MI

7,300 sq. ft Complete tear-off, new roof insulation and a gravel surfaced asphalt built-up roof system. Includes new mill finished aluminum sheet metal wall coping cap and counterflashings.

Park Village Pines, Kalamazoo, MI

10,100 sq. ft. complete tear-off of two roofs systems totaling 8 inches of thickness.

The concrete roof deck was covered with electrical conduits for the ceiling lights. All of the new roof insulation had to hand cut around all of the conduits and then adhered to the concrete roof deck in hot asphalt. Most of the kitchen ductwork had to be removed and re-installed because it was too low to the roof surface to roof underneath. The finished product is a gravel surfaced asphalt built-up roof system. This roof is an excellent choice for restaurants and kitchen areas when a lot of mechanical serviceman foot traffic is expected.

IPC Print Center, St. Joseph, MI

40,000. sq. ft Re-roof of an existing light weight metal building with new roof insulation and a new white mechanically fastened TPO single ply roof system.

Included flashing under roof top scrap collector tubes, all new gutters, and downspouts.

DC Cook Nuclear Power Plant

11,000. sq. ft.

This building sits directly on the bluff of Lake Michigan. The new roof has to withstand 100 mile per hour wind storms. Being a nuclear facility, security and safety were extremely tight. Project included a complete tear-off, new insulation and a new white fully adhered TPA single ply roof system.

Western Michigan University - Waldo Library Courtyard Roof, Kalamazoo, MI

1,100. sq. ft.

This outdoor courtyard roof is used to display art sculptures outside a picture window of the library. The courtyard roof is sunken down in the center of the main roof, requiring a crane and handling all of the tear-off and new materials three separate times. Roof consists of a concrete roof deck, tapered roof insulation, and a light gray colored fully adhered TPO roof system. The workmanship had to be immaculate due to the close scrutiny of the art patrons.

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