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Repair & Maintenance

Roofing Leaks

Everyone faces a roofing leak now and then. Our top priority is taking care of your leak quickly and efficiently. Let us be your first phone call should you ever face a roofing crisis - (269) 343-5536.

Roof Repairs

Even the best roof will eventually need roof repairs. Hoekstra Roofing Company has a full-time service team dedicated to quickly resolving your repair issues.

Each member of our veteran service has over 10 years of roof repair experience. Their experience allows them to quickly locate and remedy your problem before excessive damage occurs. This will save you time, money and aggravation.

Contact our repair department at (269) 343-5536 to have your roof issue resolved promptly.

Roof leak ruining your week?
We'll Find It and Fix It!

We will help you put
your roof on a budget
...Free Of Charge

Preventative Maintenance Program

Hoekstra Roofing Company's Preventative Maintenance Programs are tailored to provide a proactive approach to addressing the specific needs of the roofing systems protecting your facility. The benefits of our programs typically result in extending the service life of
your roof system and lowering your out-of-pocket costs.

As many of our customers have learned, implementing our preventative maintenance program will save you unnecessary major capital expenditures due to premature roof failure.

We'll help you create a long-term maintenance budget that fits your available financial resources, at no charge.

Infra-Red Scanning Technology

Our Infra-red scanning technology detects leaks and trapped moisture before they lead to roof failures

Results of a recent Infra-Red Scan. Lighter areas show moisture trapped beneath roofing membrane

Serviceman performs preventative maintenance repairs at base of skylight to extend roof service life

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