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Frequently Asked Questions

The issues surrounding a building owner's roofing decisions are more complex than ever. An intimidating process often ends in disappointment. Hoekstra Roofing Company's team of roofing professionals are trained not only to find the right answers, but also trained to ask the right questions. We listen to your needs, explore your options, and work with you to design a roofing solution that encompasses all of your issues.
Q: What kind of roof is best for my building?
A: Many factors go in to our recommendation of roof systems. Building use, access, weight loads, foot traffic, number of penetrations, cost, etc. all play a factor in roof selection.

Q: If my roof is at the end of it's life cycle and starting to leak, is it necessary to tear off the whole roof and replace it?
A: No, not necessarily. We can do an infrared moisture scan to determine the extent of wet roofing and insulation. Once known, we can replace only the wet areas and roof over them, saving the cost of a complete tear-off.

Q: Can you install a torch-down roof on my building?
A: NO! The major insurers of construction and roofing contractors will no longer insure roofers that use this product. There have been a number of fires around the country because of the torch method used to install it. If someone offers to sell you a torch-down roof, ask to see their insurance coverage for use of this product.

Q: My roof ponds water. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it?
A: It may be possible to use tapered insulation or add roof drains to expel your ponding problems. It is usually impossible to eliminate 100% of ponding because of building settlement and deflections in the roof decking.

Q: Is there a chance we will have water damage from rain after the roofing crew leaves our project for the night?
A: No. Our crews only remove as much roofing as they can replace in one day. The job, your building, is watertight at the end of each day.

Q: What are the advantages of a white roofing system?
A: A white roof surface reflects sunlight, keeping it 20% cooler than a black roof. If lowering your cooling costs is a concern, then a white roof may help. Some larger cities, like Chicago, are now making white roof surfaces a requirement to help offset heat generated by asphalt pavement and concrete structures.

Q: Can Hoekstra Roofing Company help me maintain my roof?
A: Yes we can! We have four 2 man service crews that specialize in preventative maintenance and leak repairs on all types of roof systems. All roofs require periodic inspections and maintenance in order to perform as designed to achieve the longest possible service life from the roof system.

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