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Green Roofs

Today, environmentally conscious companies are striving to implement building processes that are environmentally friendly.

Hoekstra Roofing Company has the expertise you need to design and install a green roof on your building to turn your flat roof green.

Green roof terrace doubles as
outdoor employee break area

Green roof systems can incorporate
many varieties of colorful plantings

Green roof system installed at
Kalamazoo Valley Community College

With a green roof, your building will be partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over our specialized waterproof roofing system. We also offer
"instant" green roof systems, where green roof modules with fully grown plants are set in
place over a conventional roof system.

Environmentally conscious companies are installing green roofs. We have the expertise to do it right.

Green roofs need to be installed over only the toughest waterproof roof system. Hoekstra Roofing has the expertise to install a bullet-proof watertight system along with a lush green roof covering.

This living roof will serve several purposes for your building, including increasing the natural beauty, absorbing rainwater, providing insulation and creating a habitat for wildlife.

Contact us to see how Hoekstra Roofing, Southwest Michigan's Green Roofing experts, can create an environmentally friendly living roof for your building.

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